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19915 The gathering effect is very good, the cleavage is so charming! 1️⃣Fashion deep V: The cup edge adopts deep V design, combined with 3D non-marking molding process, soft and delicate touch, fashionable and versatile, gathers up without pressing the chest ​ 2️⃣Comfortable decompression: baby cotton without steel ring, baby-like feel, comfortable to wear and decompression 3️⃣Pearl fiber lining: special fiber structure for moisture absorption and perspiration, moisture absorption and quick drying, long-term wear for skin beautification effect 4️⃣Three-sided wireless seamless: original three-sided wireless seamless technology, clean and high-grade, comfortable and breathable, not stuffy 5️⃣Four rows and four buttons: good stability, can be adjusted according to the actual bust size of the individual, providing a comfortable position for the chest 19915 聚拢效果非常棒 乳沟好迷人! 1️⃣时尚深V:杯边采用深V设计,结合3D无痕压模工艺,触感柔软细腻、时尚百搭、聚拢不压胸 ​ 2️⃣舒适减压:无钢圈亲肤棉,婴儿般手感,穿着舒适又减压 3️⃣珍珠纤维里料:采用吸湿排汗​特殊纤维结构,吸湿快干,长期穿着起到美肤效果 4️⃣三边无线无痕:独创三边无线无痕工艺,整洁高档,触摸无凹凸感,舒适透气,不闷热 5️⃣四排四扣:稳定性好,可根据个人实际胸围大小调节,给胸部提供舒适的位置